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I am looking for a reliable cold caller. Someone to make calls atleast 4 hours per day.
Someone Fluent in english and Great at holding a conversation. Someone with a strong drive to close the deal.

Must have a Good computer with good speeds
Must have a Headset in good working order

As part of the application record your self saying the following script:

1. Hi, this is “Your Name”, I am calling to speak to “Sellers Name” about “Address of property” is now a good time to talk?

2. Great, currently my partner and I are buying investment properties in your area? Would you be interested in selling?

If  yes, ask if they have any other properties they would be interested in selling as well.
Get all the addresses of other properties.

3. Ok, before we can determine how much we can buy your property for I just need to ask you a few questions about the property if you don’t mind?

4. Besides getting the right price what is another reason why you would consider selling “sellers name”?

5. Is the property currently listed with a real estate agent?

6. If the property tenant occupied? What are the Units? What are the tenants paying? How long have the tenants been there for?

7. So may you please tell me a little bit about the property…like how many beds, baths, sqft, garages if any, what the condition is?

8. How old is the roof? Does if have A/C if so, How old is the A/C? what type of heat is it and how old?

9. When was the last time the kitchens and bathrooms were renovated?

10. Hypothetically if I purchase your property are there any major repairs that have to be  done right away?

11. What amount should we assume we will have to pay in total repair cost, and or cost for updating if we were to purchase it?

12. Ok, what do you think the property is worth in today’s market?(Jot down the perceived amount for reference)

13. Is that after making all repairs and updates or in as is condition?

14. Okay. If I purchase for cash, as-is,  what would be the least you would consider taking for the property?

15. If they say “an amount” repeat the amount.

16. Hmmmm, Is that amount your absolute best?  Repeat the amount again.

17. Is there a mortgage on the property that would need to be paid off? How much?

18. What were you hoping to sell your property for “seller name”? What’s your walk away price?

19. Repeat the number and say “HHHHmmmm” and wait for them to respond!

20. Since we are going to pay all YOUR CLOSING COSTS TO SELL…. Is that the leas you will take “sellers name”?………this usually saves them thousands if they ask

21. We are also going to buy your property in As Is Condition and be responsible for all the necessary repairs, updates, code updates, or work the property may need……Is that the lowest you will go “sellers name”?

22. Well, I have all the information I needed for now. At this time, we will need to look over the information you gave me, do some research on the property and if we have any more questions we will contact you back, is that okay “sellers name”

23. Ask them to give you their best contact number and email address

24. Id also like to set up an appointment with my partner to come and take a look at the property if that is okay with you so we have a better idea of what we would be able to offer.

25. What if a good date and time to for my partner or I to come out and take a tour of the property?

26. Well “sellers name” we look forward to meeting you in person and looking at your property and potentially purchasing your property. Have a wonderful day!

Posted On: February 07, 2021 13:29 UTC
Category: Telemarketing
Skills:Cold Calling, Customer Service, Data Entry, Sales, Microsoft Excel, Sales, Telemarketing, Customer Support, Outbound Sales, CRM

Country: United States

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