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Required skills:
-Python Django senior level/ Back end database and back-office/
-Vimeo API integrations (80% completed)
React js—the front end – (80% Complited)
DevOps back-office –  60% Done.
auto-deployment (Done but need to work with all integrations, APIs, and log ings).

About the project: is a marketing video marketplace.
We are providing VideoBzz full free download/embedding access for over 25K marketing videos.
And the platform builds for marketing video and animation creators to integrate their content via their Vimeo account and instantly/Directly upload content from their Vimeo account via our platform and publish it to the site gallery page with a set of sort categories.

VideoBzz own video library of 25K videos "ready to use" for free download and embedding also comes from a Vimeo API integration of ours. Pro Vimeo account.
This means we want to enable also direct upload for contributors/creators via our account, which provides 20GB weekly upload.

If you want to learn more about the site mission and vision, pls enter the following links:

About for visitors

For contributors –  Full guideline manu

VideoBzz business model very much as
We are also planning to work on ads. our ads will be in 2 forms:
Video ads – In the gallery page and the series pages.
2Static ads – in the download – embedding – and thank you pop-ups.
So the user is exposed to gentle and relevant content all through the download process with 0 interceptions or waiting time!


The site status is like 65% done.
-But we need to finalize the smooth integration on-site for creators with Vimeo accounts.
-Finalizing the integration of creators via our own Vimeo API front end access point.
-Finalizing VideoBzz admin. Access to all videos/series/ of the own site library and the contributors.
-Finalizing the Contributor and end-user back office.
Here are the back office pages of the contributor:
-Finalizing the log in 5 Api’s package. I believe it has been made but not tied up in the front end.
-Finalizing the Ad campaign: Ad dashboard is almost ready. It is simple and controls the time and date of which content will be in each ad holder based on the category page and physical page numbers in the gallery and series pages.
-Creating the chat system between the creator to the user.
Chat page already created but not the actual chat system and back office.
-Notification box of the site and alerts.
-Site search system: the contributor categories/subcategories and other sorts of category types already implemented in the admin back office page. However, the search system is not set accurate yet, and need to inline the different parameters, etc. (will be explained on tour).
-Front end API integrations. At least 30-40 different functions need to be responsive on the front end, from the players’ 6 direct icons once hover to the contributor ID page.
-Site back office access to all contributor database, integrations, payment methods, preferences, videos, etc. All upload videos on-site need to be approved and reposed in the admin’s gallery page before final publishing.
-Site speed and error tests. The site needs to be bug-free and refine based on different online tests.

All small detail can be according to each milestone and via screen share recorder for the record.
A fully signed NDA must be before accepting the job offer!

Thanks and best regards

Lior Bazak

Budget: $1,400

Posted On: February 07, 2021 08:07 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Database Architecture, Database Design, Web Application, Website Development, Startup, Web Design, Git, HTTP, React, GitLab, Website Security, Python, Bootstrap, API Integration

Country: Israel

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