Crypto Investment Analyst

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate DeFi investment opportunities through market research, product reviews, competitive analysis, metrics analysis, customer/user reviews and technical diligence.
  • Compile written analysis of potential returns from investment and/or network participations, including liquidity mining and staking. 
  • Keep track with development of projects.
  • Support the team with general research tasks, blog articles and investors letters.
  • Contact & Interact directly with founding teams to perform in depth Qualitative due diligence.


  • Experiences: Graduated from a top school and at least 2 years of experience as an analyst within a top financial institution. (Investment banking, Wealth Management, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Fund, Crypto Investment Firm.) 
  • Expertise: Financial Modelling & Valuation, Blockchain technology and DeFi market knowledge. 
  • Desired skills: Financial Modelling, Python, Solidity (Smart Contracts), Excel, Power Point, Research & Writing, Data Analysis, Entrepreneurial Mindset.


Why you should apply:

  • Contribute in developing the base layer and culture of the company from its early days.
  • Research projects which might become the next biggest tech companies. 
  • Learn and grow next to experts of all kinds; Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Wealth Managers, Philanthropists.
  • Extremely fast paced environment with daily challenges.

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