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I have another job posted here, but initially I think that a nice, fancy and beautiful demonstration (live presentation) of my invention/idea may be a better approach instead of building the application up front and trying to sell it.

My idea/invention deals with Banks & Credit Card Companies (much like Zelle / Venmo), so banks will be using my product.  I’ve already wireframed out the basic layouts and feasibility, but want someone who can create something "sexy" that I can present to a potential client.  

My thoughts are to have the initial presentation and then tell my clients the application is almost completed, but can still be fully customized for their networks/environments.  We would just need to have a full stack developer for mobile apps with all the info ready to go (within a month or so) and ready for testing on the clients network (pushing info) to the application.

I have the logo in development and will have all the wireframed out pages that are needed – but for the demo, we’ll need about 10 unique pages, and what looks like live movements or "clicks" on buttons and stuff.  Or, even a working demo that bounces around around and shows different screens if "X" box is pushed.

The initial job is short and sweet – will be posted somewhere secure that I will have access to, or given as a secure file (this CAN NOT be in the public domain)

The 2nd portion will be a fully developed application and my budget will be 10k+ after I make my 1st sale – so whoever I hire will have to be ready to go immediately and there’s no room for error.

Budget: $150

Posted On: March 09, 2021 11:14 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development

Country: United States

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