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New Mobile App
Design Requirements
Please note this is a mobile wallet that should have all the basic functionalities of a mobile wallet
including but not limited to:
• A main page with transaction history sorted in a chronological order by date primarily
P.s provide sorting options: amount, date, frequent/favourite people transacted with
• Show account balance.
• Send money button. We are sending money to users registered with their phone numbers. To send money we first have to query if the phone number is registered with the backend.
• Scan QR to receive/Pay/send money.
• Offline capability. (Ability to send(only) money — store db transactions
in offline mode and execute once back online without user input. Just like how I can send a message offline and sent automatically once I’m back online)
when submitting your proposal start with the word "sasa" it’s "hi" in swahili
• Account statement/download PDF/ Send to mail.
• Have a separate module/API as in the dependency tree as in the link below

Budget: $600

Posted On: March 09, 2021 08:29 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Android, Java, Android App Development, User Authentication, In-App Search

Country: Kenya

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