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I will give you a collection of images.

The user interface should show an image based on some user input.

The user input will be for the user to choose a color from a list of colors. Or you can also show the colors as 10 circles so the user can click on any of the circle.

Just below that the image needs to appear.

Each of the images is mostly the same but some component of the image is different in color.

So as the user changes the color the image should morph into the other image. There should be a change makes it look like only the object which is different is actually changing.

I want the app to be developed in React. No database component is needed right now.

All of the assets including the images should be bundled.

The images are of living rooms where the wardrobe color is different for each image but all other pieces of the living room remains the same.

The focus is it build a very slick and engaging UI that looks pleasing to the eyes and very modern.

The image transitions also have to be done with a very aesthetic experience.

Budget: $30

Posted On: March 09, 2021 11:33 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:React, Sketch

Country: United States

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