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We have nearly completed work on a 25-page pitch deck for a new TV show we’re about to take to market. We need the deck finished right away.  It’s been done in PowerPoint, so the designer needs to be proficient in PowerPoint. We would love to post the 25-page unfinished deck design here, but it’s a proprietary project that can’t be openly shared with the world. If you are interested in the project, perhaps we can share it directly with a few designers, but we can’t post it for the public to see.

Because our executive team is split in opinion on this unfinished deck, we need two separate bids for the project. The first bid requires staying with the current design, but you need to address several notes from our executives and do a polish pass on the entire deck. Our best guess is that all of the work in the 1st bid can be accomplished in 3 to 4 hours.

The second bid would involve a longer time frame. And that time frame is up to you, keeping the following information in mind. We’re asking that the 2nd bid be a full redesign of the deck to elevate it above the current design. The photos can remain the same and the copy definitely needs to remain the same, but the graphic design can change altogether. For the 2nd bid, we need you to give us a time frame for the project, at least 3 rounds of changes after we receive the 1st draft, a description of the graphic design approach you would take with the pitch deck visuals, and lastly, an overall cost for the deck re-design.

We are a VERY small company with limited resources. Cost and time are two big considerations for us. We had hoped to already be shopping this idea, but chose to pause long enough to get the pitch deck into good form. So, we’re looking for a quick turnaround time and a good price PLEASE.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Hourly Range: $20.00-$40.00

Posted On: May 04, 2021 22:59 UTC
Category: Presentation Design
Skills:Graphic Design, English, Pitch Deck, Presentation, Presentation Design, Microsoft PowerPoint, Print Design, Entertainment, Sports

Country: United States

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