Founder (Web3, Ethereum, Blockchain, Vyper/Solidity/Rust/Go)

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We are looking for the right person to join as a founding member of the team. We’re a young startup, and we’re currently bootstrapping ourselves, although have some early commitments and partnerships in place. We need somebody who is comfortable in an agile environment. Competitive compensation on funding.

We’re looking for someone who has a solid understanding of Web3, can build and lead a team and is willing to take risks.

Can think creatively, communicate, and mobilize a team when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges. You should be able to handle responsibility well, facilitating workflow between our product and design teams.

For this role we are planning to wait for the right application and take a slow recruitment approach, given the high stakes nature of onboarding a core team member.

Desired Skills and qualifications
8+ years of professional software development with the ability to ship high-quality, well-crafted code.

Strong communication skills and responsiveness. Demonstrated capacity to lead, project-manage, and evolve an elite technical team of mixed remote and local personnel

Project management capabilities such as product roadmap mgmt, aggregating stakeholder requirements, QA, deployment, and feedback integration

Demonstrated coding experience with Web3 and Ethereum development tools, languages, and libraries, such as Solidity and Vyper, web3.js, and IPFS. Applicants without proven Web3 experience will not be considered

Experience in engineering, building, and testing high stakes web applications and user interfaces used in the market by real people
Front-end: familiarity with Javascript/Typescript, React/Redux, HTML/CSS, Webpack, and Node.js

Eloquent in GIT, continuous integration tooling, cloud-deployment (Heroku), and pull-request based workflows
Appreciation and commitment to open-source as a philosophy
Fluent in written and spoken English.

This position is remote with a preference for the US, and Europe.

Leading teams of 20+ engineers. Experience in smart contract auditing, code review, and security best practices. Development knowledge of a Web3 DAO framework, such as DAOstack and Aragon. Experience with The Graph Protocol and other Web3 middleware. Back-end development expertise in Polkadot’s Substrate or Cosmos Tendermint SDKs
Involvement in a token engineering, decentralized finance, or governance community or ecosystem.

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