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Find details for 50 childcare centres in the ACT with approved places of over 49 children

– Open the ‘ACT Childcare Centre – Call List’ spreadsheet
– Go to
– Enter ‘ACT’ into keywords search.  You will get 366 results.
– Scroll down the list until you reach – ‘Anglicare at Franklin Early Childhood School’.
– I have entered the details of ‘Anglicare at Franklin Early Childhood School’ into the sheet as an
   example for you to reference.
– Return to the filtered list.  From ‘Anglicare at Franklin Early Childhood School’ make your way
   down the list .
– Click on each name to get to the details page
– Once on the details page check the number of approved places.  If the centre has more than 49
   approved places, then complete the following steps.  If the centre has less than 49 approved
   places, then return to the filtered list to continue to the next one.
– Copy and paste the following details into the corresponding columns:
         – Centre Name
         – Phone
         – Email (enter into ACECQA email column)l
         – Approved places
         – Address
         – Trading Name (each Centre may not have a different name to the trading name, but some
         may, so if they do, enter into the Trading Name column)

– Then Google the Centre Name
– Find the website and copy into the spreadsheet
– From the website get the following information and copy into relevant fields:
        – Owner/Director name
        – Email (if different from the ACECQA email address, enter into website column)
        – Private/Council/Company
        – Private: if there are no more than two centres listed on the website
        – Company: if there are three or more centres listed on the website
        – Council: will have a website address with, for example:
           47-28.  Alternatively it will be noted on the website which council they are a part of.

I will provide the template once the job has been approved.

Budget: $10

Posted On: May 04, 2021 11:31 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Internet Research, Data Entry, Contact Lists, Company Information, Google Docs

Country: Australia

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