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Hello – I need to gather data on whether startups in a list are alive or not. I have startup names, website, address, and founder names. Please follow the below approach to proxy the operating status

1. Click on the website, and click on the social media pages (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram) show on the website
a. In COLUMNs E & F, type in the latest posting date (year and month)
2. If there is NO social media post in 2021 (the cell will turn RED) and if the website doesn’t seem active, go to the Internet Archive site and type in the URL (next to the “Wayback Machine” search icon)
a. In COLUMNs F & G, type in the latest year and month with records
b. Click on the latest “snapshot” and make sure the webpage is active (that it does not mention that the company has closed or the website is no longer available)
3. If you cannot check any website status from Step 1 & 2 (no website/ social media pages, no website archive):
a. Try searching the company name on Google to see if the company name has changed or if there is a new website
i. If you can locate a new company website, enter the updated website in COLUMN K
4. If you cannot check any website status from Steps 1, 2, and 3, search LinkedIn + [startup name] + [founder name (column O] and see when was the last date working at the company. If you can locate the founder’s webpage  
a. In COLUMNs J & K, type in the latest year and month  

I’ve completed the first 20 (in the attachment). If you’re interested,  please let me know, and you’ll be asked to complete 20 rows as a sample. You’ll be completing 530 rows in total for $20. Thanks!

Budget: $20

Posted On: May 08, 2021 23:33 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Company Research, Company Information, Research, Internet Research, Data Entry, Data Collection

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