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I have 5 building survey reports and I would like to have most of the text transferred to an excel sheet for the purposed of creating data validation ‘lists’.

1. Set up an excel spread sheet to match the layout of an existing word document (sample provided).
2. Numerous sheets will be required within the spreadsheet. Each sheet will match the sections from the word document.
3. Section 3 of the word document contains lists of defects and repair recommendations and so I want to have this data from 5 word documents to be copied and pasted into excel. All data to be placed into columns under the appropriate category.
4. Set up all data from each category noted above in data validation lists.

It would also like the excel sheet to print as if it was a word document (i.e. a professional looking report). My client details should be on the cover page and it would be great if the client name on the cover page could automatically populate a header and footer on each sheet.

I have attached a sample report. The content in section 3 of the report will need to be categorised into sections. Sometimes the category will be obvious, i.e. walls, doors, ceilings etc but sometimes it may not be obvious but make a best guess and don’t worry if unsure as I will be double checking.

Please review and feel free ask me any questions. I should note that I want to have this document set up so I can complete reports faster. I’m open to suggestions on how best to do this


Posted On: June 04, 2021 10:53 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheets, Data Mining, Data Entry

Country: Ireland

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