Senior Product Marketer



The one who can make customers fly to the bulb like moths 🙂

Who you are?
Awe-inspiring products stop you in your tracks. You talk non-stop about them, making other people also fall in love. You are passionate about doing stuff that drives audiences crazy and competitors scratching their heads.

What it means to market at Crayon’d?

  • You take our awe-inspiring products and brand the hell out of them.
  • You help the content creators and design department come up with a uniform voice and tune the messaging to resonate with our audience.
  • You’re a long-term thinker. You have plans to make the product take over the world.
  • You’re a social media wiz-kid. You know who hangs out in which platform and what they’re surfing for.
  • The only thing you want to lose is your waist! You’re the expert on the customer, competition, current trends and come up with competitive analysis that wins the game.
  • You keep crunching numbers, churning out better and bigger strategies.
  • Your antenna-like ears can pick up the audience’s sighs and the market’s changing tides. 
  • You are curious, energetic and simply awesome. You explore everything that comes your way and want to keep growing.
  • You promise to get the product manager out when we play cricket.

Added Advantage

  • Experience creating marketing plans encompassing strategy, customer research, competitive analysis, product requirements, messaging and pricing.
  • Experience initiating and driving go-to-market programs like webinars, tradeshows, social media and content marketing.
  • Communication skills in English.
  • An eye for quality and attention to detail.
  • Metric driven. Comfortable in working with data to draw and share insights with stakeholders.
  • Self-motivated, purposeful individual with an ambition to achieve.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams.

Skill Set

SEO, SEM, PPC, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Competitive Analysis, Landing Page Optimization, Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Organic Search Strategies and Google AdWords.

Finally, the love for marketing awe-inspiring products!

What Crayon’d does? 

  • We are working with startup founders across the world to ideate, design, build and launch their product idea. 
  • We are masters at combining design thinking, user experience design and technology engineering to craft world-class products.

Who are we looking at?

  • Heroes who truly believe they can amplify their success being in a right team and are willing to put team ahead of them.
  • Heroes who think anything is possible if you have the will. It’s not about what you have, it’s about what you want. 
  • Heroes who love being on the centre stage and shoulder responsibility.

Job Perks

What can you expect @ Crayon’d? 

  • DNA of thought that we can change the world. 
  • Wonderful bunch of people who just like being together and doing something great. 
  • Ambience full of inspiration if you have anything left to be filled with. 
  • Cricket is at the centre of our work, literally. Come and see for yourself!

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