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I am looking to make 2 Dex’s on the Fantom Network. Using Spookyswap and PancakeSwap as a base. I have the UI’s for Both and the tokenomics work out. Each Dex will be similar but will have some custom pieces to integrate.

FTM Fantom Opera Network

Clone Spookyswap/PCS

Full DEX exchange with Analytics (Volume, Price, Liquidity)

Limit Orders

Order Book


Stake Coin A : Earn Coin A

Stake all other LPs earn Coin B

Stake Stake Coin A Gets  Platform Fees

Stake Coin B earns you Platform Fees

Stake Coin C LPs earns you Earn coinC.

Ability to easily whitelist new tokens and Icons in the swap.

Ability to easily add and remove farms

Ability to adjust weights on farms

If possible to add an admin panel


Have the ability to do Initial Farm Offerings

Have the ability easily add IFOs

Can there be an option for after a IFO the team could lock the liquidity?

Syrup Pools

Have the ability to easily add Syrup pools

A Built in liquidity locker so teams can lock liquidity and display the info on the analytics page.
Locking liquidity earns MILK MONEY.

We can discuss all this in detail later

Budget: $5,000

Posted On: June 10, 2021 03:53 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Website Development, Web Design, Web Application, Database Design, Database Architecture, API, Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, Chrome Extension, API Integration, Solidity, Blockchain, Blockchain Development

Country: United States

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