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Coin_Payments (Payment gateway)

This is a payment gateway where we can add this payment system onto any of our customer website. And to enable websites or apps to accept crypto payments.

Can please provide:

Pricing (to develop similar, android, ios and admin)
Timeline (in calendar weeks)

Hi, just made a brief summarise regarding our plan and i tried to report more detail regarding total dev progress but it’s not able to make them in a short time because it will take some time to do that. So i would like to publish project’s roadmap and more detail regarding dev progress while developing this platform or before. Seems that the scope of this project is not small.
1) Frontend
     I prefer to use React for the frontend and Material ui for the styling framework.
     As you know, coinpayments platform was built with php so it runs so slow.
   – Dashboard (home, wallet, coin settings, transaction history)
   – Add coin page
   – Store directory
   – Supported Coins
   – Merchant Tools
   – Multi-language support feature
   – Fully mobile responsive
2) Backend
     Also prefer to use the Node so our maub tech will be MERN (MongoDB, Express, Rect, Node) stack.
   – Auth(OAuto or other autentification) API
   – Implementing the coin payment api & fiat (for cryptos & fiat)
     * purchase
     * dposit
     * withdraw
     * getting transfer history
     * coin add or remove api
   – Also our platform should have its own wallet for each user
3) smart contract for the crypto transaction with solidity
     – eth, bsc, btc network or other blockchain networks

Budget: $15,000

Posted On: June 10, 2021 04:18 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:iOS, Android

Country: Singapore

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