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I’m looking to replicate the Route shopify app and collect all insurance revenue instead of giving it to Route

There is a toggle option in the Cart that automatically enables, with a small popup link (to show details of the service).

We want to replicate the following:

1) user can toggle on or off in the cart (this adds and removes the 2% protection item from the cart)

2) user can click and reveal details of the insurance in a popup from the cart

3) custom app calculates 2% of total cart and adds this as a protection item to the cart.

4) user can submit details for a shipping claim on our website when logged in (within the My Account page – orders) (details:

5) User can check status of claim in My Account (this is a new feature – not part of the app we are replicating)

6) Our internal team has a backend view of all shipping claims submitted, and can provide a simple status of not reviewed/reviewed/resolved for each claim.  (this is a new feature – not part of the app we are replicating) They can view claim associated with email address, and tracking #.

7) User receives email with updated status as it changes.

8) Backend requirements should include updates to orders (cancelled, order changes, merging). After the order is made, there might be changes made and insurance costs will need to change. A solution for this needs to be included.

Budget: $100

Posted On: June 10, 2021 03:00 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Small (10-99 employees)

Country: Canada

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