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Fundación Codigo Venezuela is a non-profit based in Spain dedicated to helping Venezuelan immigrants obtain jobs, continue studying and launch new businesses.  For the recently arrived, obtaining a job is the most urgent matter to attend to. But a majority of immigrants can’t aspire to a formal job until they have lived in the country a year or two (or more) and have legalized their degrees.

The objective
We want to create a platform where immigrants can offer unspecialized services or services in non-traditional areas, for example: looking after the elderly (quite common for doctors), lessons in musical instruments, etc.

The site should work like most listing or directory sites.  People that want to offer their services add a listing to the site and people that are searching for services use the site to contact someone in their general area that offer
For the sake of efficiency, we have defined detailed functionality (below) by commenting on changes we would need to apply to a demo of an existing listing site.  90% of the site works as is… but we know the devil is in the details.

Look and feel
We need the site to look and feel similar to our main page.  For example, if Supreme Theme were used, because it has a similar structure to our site, matching the fonts, changing the logo, changing the background pictures and changing the color scheme would be probably be enough.

Technical considerations
The site must be built in WordPress.  We have purchased a one year subscription to Geodirectory to have access to all premium plug-ins.  Even though we have used the SUPREME THEME for the example we do not know if it will be easier to adapt this theme, adapt another theme or just build the site customizing the barebones plugins.  This will have to be decided by the person that takes on the project.  We also have access to Elementor premium.  If the site is not adapted from a theme that does not use Elementor, we want elementor to be used.

The site is in Spanish.

• Preliminary discussion of functionality and Q&A.
• Install Geodirectory and all other necessary plugins.
• Build the site including a few revisions
• Basic training for us so we can adjust thing going forward.

See details in attached file

Budget: $1,000

Posted On: June 11, 2021 17:14 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress, Website Development, WordPress Plugin, Plugins for WordPress, WordPress Website, Website Customization, WordPress Theme

Country: Spain

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