Cloud Engineer at Velocity () (allows remote)

Position: Cloud Engineer

Department: Software Development

Location: Remote

Salary: Exempt

Supervisory Responsibility: No

Supervisor: Manager of Software Development

Work Schedule: Monday – Friday

Velocity, A Managed Services Company is looking for a passionate and experienced cloud engineer who wants to play a critical role in the development, design, and build of high-end, scalable cloud-based solutions that push application development to its limits. You will integrate with a team of like-minded individuals who are self-driven to succeed, have positive attitudes, and use innovation to both meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.


• Design, develop, and deploy modular cloud-based infrastructures with priority on a positive user experience and scalability.

• Regularly maintain, modify, and review existing cloud-based solutions.

• Ensure efficient functioning of data storage and processing functions in accordance with company security policies.

• Identify, analyze, and resolve infrastructure vulnerabilities and application deployment issues.

• Keep quality at the forefront of all work that is performed.

• Collaborate with engineering and development teams to evaluate and identify optimal cloud solutions and in accordance with best practices.

• Provide internal cloud support and make recommendations based on project needs.

• Advise on new cloud technologies and initiatives and propose implementations based on new industry standards.

• Perform occasional self-evaluation on personal skillset and work on improving and learning new concepts and technologies.

• Perform all duties and tasks as assigned to fulfill departmental and business needs.


• Passionate in creating solutions for end-users with quality-focused design and functionality.

• Self-driven and focused to achieve a high level of productivity and turnover of tasks and projects.

• Upholds an elevated attention to detail to ensure superior solutions are applied in all work.

• Demonstrates strong problem-solving skills and has a knack for debugging scripts or configurations to find issues.

• Utilizes excellent communication skills to discuss and plan projects and work and interactions with customers are always positive.

• Collaborates well within the team to provide feedback on others’ work and integrates well during project work to sustain accurate and timely solutions.

Knowledge and AbilitiesThe following qualifications are required in some capacity to succeed in this position.

• Experience setting up and maintaining KVM images using a hypervisor. (e.g. Proxmox, VirtualBox)

• Experience creating and maintaining images and containers (e.g Docker)

• Provisioning and deployment scripts (e.g. Ansible, Chef)

• Advanced SSH techniques • DNS providers (e.g. Cloudflare)

• General knowledge of best security practices and the familiarity of common OWASP concepts.

• Experience with version control systems using Git and Git-based repository services (GitHub/GitLab).

• Ability to structure and organize work around issues, pull requests, and documentation.

• Setting up full stack environments (e.g. LAMP, NGINX, PostgreSQL)

• Experience in maintaining and debugging various scripting language scripts. (e.g. Bash, Python)

Optional Knowledge and AbilitiesThe following qualifications are not needed but are considered extremely beneficial when working this position.

• Good knowledge of Node.js, PM2, and/or Python

• Building packages from source Minimum Required Experience

• 5+ years administrating Linux based systems

• 3+ years designing and administrating cloud-based Linux systems.

• Experience with CI/CD Preferred Experience

• Degree in computer science or a similar field.

• Azure, AWS, and GCP certification.

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