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I want to create a full-page screenshot tool by entering a URL. I then would like to save the screenshot (png) as a pdf for the user to be able to download.

I have a few friends that want to incorporate their own full-page screenshot tool on their current and future websites by adding a hyperlink that will sends them to another website in which I already have the code that I will host after everything gets finished.

They want to add a hyperlink to their websites (something they can add to their footer like "click here for fullpage pdf") and future websites that will not only take them to a different URL, but will copy the URL from the site the hyperlink tag is on. Once they get redirected to the new URL their URL address will be automatically inputted into the input box. Then they will click a button that will take a clean full page screenshot of the page the URL that’s entered is pointing too. I then want to save that full-page screenshot (png) as a pdf for the user to download. I want to take a full-page screenshot image rather then a html2pdf copy because a lot of the time going straight to pdf it wont pick up all the css and it looks different than the real site.

1) Create a hyperlink that I can easily add to any site now and in the future. This hyperlink will do:
    a) Copy the URL from the website the hyperlink was on.
    b) Redirect user to a new website when clicked
    c) Automatically paste the copied URL link into an input field.
2) Using something like Nodejs Puppeteer:
    a) Take a clean full-page screenshot (png) from a URL
    b) Covert that png file into a pdf
    c) Allow user to download pdf

I tried to make it detailed, but I have some simple code for the website I want it to goto already that I will share. My budget is $100 and I need this asap. Thank you

Budget: $100

Posted On: June 11, 2021 22:06 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:jQuery, JavaScript, Website Development, CSS, Node.js, HTML5, API

Country: United States

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