Eaton Gear – or Eaton equipment – pay for your advice – Upwork

we need help from someone to advice us where to buy a few Eaton Gear – or Eaton Equipment. we pay you to such advice, or we can buy from you. if you need more info , please contact me and I will pass your message to our team members.

items we seek,
MCC ADDER 30A/25A , type FZF2DC12 , 30A/25A
MCC ADDER 25A/40A, type FZF2DC12, 25A/40A
MCC ADDER 50A, type FZF1L12, 50A,

these items might be old stock items, the lead time is too long and will exceed our allowed performance period.  we need them to connection our system to the Eaton Distribution Panel. if these items are not available, workable substitute is fine to us as well.

Posted On: June 11, 2021 21:39 UTC
Category: Electrical Engineering

Country: United States

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