ESP32 or similar – embedded system- API with button box – Upwork

Solution has to
Read up to  momentary push buttons, (regular pressing, long pressing) from a push buttons box to be design
Send status of each buttons to a cloud database each time status changes, via POST and json, we provide the API.
We provide also the method to register a new device.
Design a button box for industrial environnement with push button and led status (0 = no LED, Regular pressing : red LED, yellow LED, long pressing, and a LED for status of registering

1/ Create a POC based on ESP32 device or similar
Delivery drawing of  POC, code to be injected in the device, and any detailed needed to fulfill the task
2/ Create PCB and all necessary activity to outsource the fabrication of 3 to 10 demos POC
3 Create PCB using SOC  components for mas production and all the detailed info for a outsourced elctronique production

In your answer detailed the cost of the 3 phases

Budget: $500

Posted On: June 11, 2021 09:29 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:ESP32, Embedded Systems, IoT Solutions Design, MQTT, PCB Design, C++, AVR, ESP8266

Country: Mexico

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