Looking for full time frontend engineers at Starkflow – Upwork

Our ideal candidate has a strong background in frontend development, a fullstack interest, and
preferably some AI experience. Specifically:
● Min 5 years of frontend experience – Javascript, React, React Native, PWAs, NodeJS
● Decent understanding of developing on phone, mobile, and desktop
● Understanding of web browser internals and modern APIs (service workers, PWAs,
offline, etc)
● Experience with Typescript and Firebase preferred
● Experience with PDFs or EPUBs big plus
● Strong preference for previous startup experience
● Analytical thinking. Deep respect for the scientific method and objective data analysis
● Location: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain

Budget: $40,000

Posted On: June 11, 2021 16:35 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:React, AngularJS, HTML5, JavaScript, API Integration

Country: Argentina

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