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We have an established Next.js Typescript eCommerce (using a GraphQL backend) project and are looking for an experienced developer to assist with a functional design/prototype of a few additional pages that would be added to the existing website, as well as some minor fixes and changes.

For the prototype/design we have layouts readily available from another website that we wish to emulate, so the design will be well defined at the outset.

This project is time sensitive so we require someone that can help turn around 2 new page designs within the next 3 days and then complete revisions and some follow up work later next week.

This project uses advanced features of next.js and you should be familiar with SSR/SSG, image handling and optimization in next.js, and source maps. Our preference is to use @storybook/react to mock up components for later integration into the website.

Please submit 1-2 next.js websites (or optionally React.js at minimum) that you have worked on previously.

Posted On: June 11, 2021 16:32 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:JavaScript, React, Next.js, GraphQL, Styled Components

Country: China

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