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Would like an experienced research specialist to thoroughly research and design/produce an attractive, consolidated 2 page dossier on an influential real estate developer (name to be provided) in Dallas, Texas. Project estimated to take 5-10 hours. Excellent grammar/written communication skills in English required. Deadline is June 15, 2021.

Dossier should be thorough, but concise and include:

Page 1:
1. Name/Age
2. Contact information (phone numbers, work/home address)
3. Brief biography (include education, work history, community involvement with organizations and charities, awards) – mix of narrative/bullet points
4. PRIMARY FOCUS: Detail on all "Real Estate Activities" specifically in Downtown Dallas (only in the central business district…not other areas) – to include any ownership, development, other real-estate related work involving office, multifamily housing, restaurants, retail, hotels, parking, vacant land, etc.
5. Brief bullet-pointed list of any similar activities else where in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex

Page 2:
6. A map of Downtown Dallas with the exact locations of all activities included in item #4 above, along with leader lines to "call-out" text boxes containing property name, small photo of the property, property type (e.g. restaurant, hotel, office building, etc.), square footage/number of units, number of floors, appraised value, all other available details on the property, etc.)

Research should come primarily from online searches, but the Dallas County appraisal district, Downtown Dallas Inc., City of Dallas, other public/private data sources should be considered

General formatting guidelines for all projects (some may not apply to this project):

– Final document must be “self-evident”…anybody could pick it up 5 years from now and know exactly what it is
– Include all essential information as concisely as possible
– Keep to 1-2 pages
– Heading: Succinct title (and subtitle if appropriate) required, usually including timeframe being analyzed; header (and footer) should appear on all pages if it makes sense
– Footer: Date of production, which automatically updates, and page number X of Y required (page number still required if only one page)
– Decimalization: Show numbers in “thousands”, “millions”, etc. if applicable, with one decimal point; show occupancies with “%” and one decimal point; show RevPAR and ADR with “$” and no decimal points
– Dollar Signs: Use “$” in the first row of a table and any total rows and/or columns
– Orientation: Portrait preferred (but landscape permissible for legibility if necessary)
– Totals: Include totals whenever relevant
– Font: Century Gothic, Size 10 preferred (larger ok for headings, smaller ok for footer or if required for legibility/appearance)
– Bullets: Should not have periods; multiple independent clauses should be separated into multiple bullets or be separated by semi-colons
– Shading: Recommend filling alternating rows (e.g., with “White, Background 1, Darker 15%”) when difficult to read across many rows/columns (not necessary when only a few rows)
– Charts: There should be no chart borders on graphs

Hourly Range: $3.00-$10.00

Posted On: June 11, 2021 19:48 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Research, Writing, Internet Research, Market Research, Content Writing, Qualitative Research, Company Research, Topic Research, Online Research

Country: United States

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