Senior Architect + Node.js Backend Developer – Upwork

Hi – we are a very strong backend development team who wants to add another senior nodejs developer. Someone who thinks like a software architect.

The product is a BaaS framework written in Typescript and Node. It’s in a very rapidly growing market that is going to be absolutely massive.

You can work whatever timezone and hours you want to, whenever you want to. The entire company is remote, with developers in Sebia, Phillipenes, India, Turkey, Israel, and more.

We are literally looking for the smartest backend developers on upwork. If that’s you we’re really excited to chat more!

Hourly Range: $27.00-$50.00

Posted On: June 11, 2021 22:48 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:GraphQL, RESTful API, Database Architecture, Database Maintenance, Database Design, Database, Infrastructure as Code, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Architecture Design, Software Architecture & Design, Backend Rest API, API, MongoDB, CI/CD

Country: United States

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