Senior software engineer at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) () (allows remote)

The purpose of this job is to develop UKG product deployment automation software to serve critical internal developer and production needs. The software covers full-stack technologies, including Angular front-end, SQL database, Ruby, and DevOps functions coded in Chef, Ansible, and Terraform. The automation software executes in our private data center as well as the Public Cloud. The employee in this job will deliver incremental features on a monthly basis, and be expected to document, test, release, and support their implementation.

Primary/Essential Duties and Key Responsibilities:
• Be a trusted member of a software development team, interacting with teammates daily to drive productivity and build morale
• Develop and release software features and fixes multiple times each month
• Provide technical support to customers that use the released software
• Generate appropriate test automation to validate software function
• Build the software releases and invoke test automations by using automated CI/CD pipelines
• Use a Lean/Agile framework to visualize progress within the software lifecycle
• Attend a brief daily meeting to synchronize the team priorities and communicate progress/barriers
• Regularly research and propose process and technical innovations

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