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Seeking developers for an exciting new project!

What we aim to achieve:

We want someone to build a website on the blockchain where we can sell our digital artwork (NFTs) which will be minted on purchase and integrated and bound to an Ethereum smart contract.

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The website will be deployed for primary sales of our digital artwork (NFT) tokens stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. We want anyone to be able to buy with Ethereum by simply connecting a wallet  i.e Metamask,

We will be selling our NFTs as batches over multiple seasons and maintaining a hand made quality to each individual piece. We have already have our designer onboard and our NFTs are already in production.

We want the website itself to be hosted with a homepage that anyone can access. This is where our NFTs will be sold. However we want our domain to interact with our smart contract and recognise our NFT tokens connected to then gain further access to the website such as a members area. This means only those who have purchased an NFT will gain access to certain areas of the website.

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Who we need to help:

-Blockchain developer to create the smart contract and provide all of the fundamentals needed to interact with the website.

-Web developer who understands Ethereum blockchain to create the website and see all of our target goals are met.

We know this may be a bit of work involved, but we’re aiming to build this into a community and may need ongoing development and support with you as part of our team.

While we want our website to launch ASAP so we can begin our NFT sales, we will be planning to launch the members access and all the other features at a later date, giving the team extra time to fine tune all of the details.

There will be opportunities for call backs for other projects too, and we will always prioritize previous applicants who work with us as our goal is to develop a team.

We will not have a timeframe set until we have our team and have discussed in full what the job will require and the scope of what’s involved.

Please reach out if you have the skills and passionate to help build something really special.

Hourly Range: $27.00-$59.00

Posted On: June 12, 2021 09:58 UTC
Category: Emerging Tech
Skills:Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Architecture, Ethereum Network, JavaScript, Website Development, Blockchain Development, Website Design

Country: Australia

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