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I am developing a tennis app.  I have developed the key code which takes the data and converts this into the output.  I have programmed this in python.

I need someone who can create the backend and then transfer this to be running in a mobile app for both Android and Apple ios..  For this reason, I am thinking that Flutter might be a good skill set to have.

This will the first draft of the app and I am sure there will be updates I will want to add.  Therefore I need someone who can help me learn how to update this once you give me the fast start.

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In terms of flow:
Data will be collected by a gadget.
The app needs to read this in via wifi, bluetooth or maybe connection via usb connector.
This data then needs to send this to the backend to be processed
Once processed the data needs to shown in beautiful visualisations.  The output varies based on the data – ie if firstserve rate is low then this is a stat and chart that needs to be shown higher.

There needs to be data saved in a SQL database.
Account information and payment should ideally be run through the app too.  

I am looking to have this hotsed on a VPS.  Open to suggestions here however.
I am comfortable in python.  Therefore perhaps the backend could be written in django or flask. Again, I am open to suggestions here.

With regards to price and timeframe, I don’t have a feel for how long this might take so I am looking for you to provide guidance and advice here.

Look forward to hearding from you.
The data wi

Posted On: June 12, 2021 13:26 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Python, Very Small (1-9 employees), UX/UI

Country: Germany

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