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I need to complete a detailed inventory report for insurance purposes. I’m using an online app called Airtable which needs specific fields filled in.

What I am adding is:
1. Generic name of the item
2. Photos of the item to identify specific manufacturer, model, and serial number

What I need you to do is complete a series of columns based on the info provided. Some will come from the photos, and some will require looking up the product online. The columns needed to be completed include (but are not necessarily limited to)… manufacturer, model, serial number, year of manufacture, price (as new), a link to the product (preferably from a store like or

There are currently about 200 items in the database. By the time I finish capturing everything needed, it will probably be around 400 items.

Posted On: June 12, 2021 00:26 UTC
Category: Data Entry
Skills:Data Entry, Research

Country: United States

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