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Freelancer any skill type to put in pluggin to add content, quotes and videos into a website with frame work already built and customed designed just the way I want it by bluehost experts. The freelancer will be hired to only use pluggin to add content videos and quotes for each of my 7 sections of my 6hr Online Self Paced Course. Again I will provide content , quotes as well as videos to freelance to add. Freelancer must be able to complete and end job by time frame fixed rate and have ability to communicate effectively. I need a talented freelancer with expert knowledge in ultilizing plugins to add info to sites.

– Ability to work from a frame that’s already completed by bluehost experts             
– Ability to apply plugging and offer suggestion of the best plugin for site and frame work already completed that has already been built by bluehost experts.        
– Ability to use plugins to add content for 7 sections of my 6 hour course Including introduction per section either  to add a Videos,  Image, or quotes)
– pluggin must have ability to add audio voice readings for my clients benefit and a more client friendly experience . throughout the 7 sections of course.  I will be providing content videos and quotes to be added to the chosen freelancer
– All 1-7 sections should be timed and course takers are not allowed to skip until the voice very important.               
recording/voice reading is complete  very important
– pluggin must have the ability to Automatically generate scores of the pre and post-test. Very Important

freelancer must add an alert message button for me to beware clients 16 or under are stipulated by courts to take the course or have to take a course accompanied by a parent or guardian. Very important                                                    

1 30-day Job and 1 30-day Career Ad Network ($425)


– Proven track record in Online Course Development
– Working knowledge in WordPress and Bluehost
– Ability to meet deadlines
– Excellent communication skills
– A work style that is extremely detail-oriented

Job begins Mayst and ends DEADLINE May 2nd 2021

Budget: $350

Posted On: June 12, 2021 13:15 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:Plugins for WordPress, Plugin Development

Country: United States

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