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Unfortunalety this will be my fourth time than i am looking for someone to make my dream app a reality.
I have already lost 5 years and a lot of money for an app that is still far from what i need and it’s not even functioning.
Sorry to bring that up this way but i need to show the picture of my situation.
Now let me tell you about the app that have caused all these previous developpers failed miserably.This a video ecommerce marketplace app kind of amazon,ebay meets youtube.
There is a seller app for professional seller and shopping app for buyer.
Seller app allow seller to create listing and earn money andshopping app let buyer see video listing of item and buy the item after viewing the video.
I can give you more details if you think you can succed where others have failed than let’s work this out

Posted On: June 16, 2021 23:24 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:Swift, Objective-C, iPhone App Development, Java, Mobile App Development,

Country: United States

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