Sales Training & Enablement Manager

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At Redox we are a growing company with the purpose of making healthcare data useful through building reusable infrastructure for scaling companies. 
We solve hard, fulfilling problems in health tech while fostering a top-notch working culture, having fun, and respecting each other.
We are looking for a Sales Training & Enablement Manager to support the Sales team through training on relevant knowledge that is specific to Redox, ensuring that all team members adhere to best practices and processes, and helping us continue to improve and optimize our systems and processes.
We are growing our Sales & SDR team considerably! To acquire new customers and efficiently deliver our product to them, new Salespeople need to get onboarded efficiently (and all Salespeople will need occasional support) so that everyone follows the same processes and speaks from the same high level of industry and product knowledge. 
This role will ensure continuity of materials across the sales organization, will make sure materials are maintained, and will work to build out a unified onboarding and training program. The role will also help the Sales team with process adherence and system optimization.
The Sales Training & Enablement Coordinator will be part of the Operations team. Due to the nature of the work, they will work closely with the Sales team as well as SMEs across the organization.


  • Collecting and organizing all content, tools, knowledge and information the sales team needs to close business more effectively.
  • Assembling, coordinating and largely conducting a training program (new hire, level-up, and ongoing) that covers industry, product, tooling, and standard Redox-specific sales process knowledge.
  • Ensuring our processes are followed, data is entered correctly and timely, and questions get answered.
  • Identifies gaps/areas where our team needs more knowledge
  • Helping the Sales team with individual training needs – for instance, clean up record details in Salesforce, set up Outreach campaigns, reporting, notifications, group memberships, contract creation, etc.
  • Identifying improvement opportunities in our training materials, tooling, and processes, and collaborating with the Ops team to make improvements.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Great organizational skill – Your organizational system will have to get adopted by everybody else
  • Ability to give advice, instructions, and feedback; Be effective and comfortable teaching 1:1 or presenting to larger groups; Eager to make connections cross departmentally
  • Ability to keep an open mind for feedback on their ideas paired with confidence to uphold what they believe in
  • Ability to keep the ‘Why’ in mind when working through many different viewpoints; Ability to measure and understand results and impact of your work
  • Ability to identify gaps and action plans

Desired Skills

  • 3+ years in a Sales Enablement/ Sales training role preferred
  • Experience with Sales training platforms
  • Confluence/Jira
  • Outreach.IO or another prospecting platform
  • Diagramming software (e.g., Lucid Chart)
  • Excel/ Google Sheets

As Redox’ Sales Training and Enablement Manager, you are driven to help an entire team grow and turn into the best version of themselves. You will be able to make a tangible difference in how confident and effective our Sales team will be. If this sounds exhilarating to you, please apply!
Please keep reading…Research shows that while men apply to jobs when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women and other marginalized folks tend to only apply when they check every box. So if you think you have what it takes, but don’t necessarily meet every single point on the job description, please still get in touch. We’d love to have a chat and see if you could be a great fit. 
About Redox:
What We DoHealthcare organizations and technology vendors connect to Redox once, then authorize what data they send to and receive from partners through a centralized hub. Redox’s cloud-based platform is vendor and standards agnostic and enables the secure and efficient exchange of healthcare data.
This approach eradicates the need for point-to-point integrations and accelerates the discovery, adoption, and distribution of patient and provider-facing technology solutions. With hundreds of healthcare organizations and technology vendors exchanging data today, Redox represents the largest interoperable network in healthcare. Learn how you can leverage the Redox platform at
Other Stuff About UsRedox is an EEO company. We fully support the diversity of our team! Here’s a recent blog post about our stance on diversity and belonging: Diversity at Redox
We believe in holding ourselves to a high standard of conduct. Here’s how we think about this: Redox Code of Conduct
Successful candidates must be eligible to be employed in the US, and must reside in the US.
Thank you for your interest in Redox!

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