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Hi – thank you for reading this.

I have received about 30 pdf files of management accounts for a business. I am looking for someone who is very comfortable building detailed P&L and Balance Sheets in Google Sheets and reconciling figures. Unfortunately, the data I have is in the form of .pdf files and I need to build it in Sheets so that I can do analysis. I need to have this ready by MONDAY morning (21st Jun) – UK time.

I have attached a screen shot from one file showing you the level of detail contained in the files. Using the screenshot as an example, there are:

1. Approximately 33 lines in the P&L
2. There are two columns e.g May 2021 & Apr 2021
3. I need every row and figure entering into the sheet (using the same format)
4. The figures need to add-up correctly e.g. the individual lines for Cost of sales need to add-up to the total
5. Two separate tabs need to be created (one for the P&L and one for the company’s balance sheet)
6. Once the rows have been created In need the month by month figures in individual columns (first column to be the latest month, and each column to the right of that going back in time)
7. Eventually, you will run-out of monthly data and have annual data which should be entered in its own column.
8. Header rows should be Year and month (so that I can pivot)
9. P&L information should come across to the BS tab and all should reconcile

I believe I have monthly data back to April 2019, so there is approximately two years of data. Then I have data of annual 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018. Monthly data for a year should add-up to the annual figures.

This job would suit a bookkeeper / junior accountant who has time this weekend to get this done. Happy to support over the weekend if required.

All of the files are stored in google drive that I will give access to. You cannot copy the files to your local desktop. I have created a google Sheet for the work to be done, which I will add you to. I want to appoint someone in the next couple of hours as this job is urgent.

Thank you for reading.

Hourly Range: $12.00-$37.00

Posted On: June 18, 2021 16:08 UTC
Category: Financial Analysis & Modeling
Skills:Financial Modelling, Financial Analysis, Financial Forecasts, Financial Plans, Financial Projection, Microsoft Excel

Country: United Kingdom

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