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Hi. I’m looking for a VA to help me with my Mobile App business/company (we make E-Commerce Apps – mostly for Restaurants where Users can order food, but some apps are service apps where Users can order products). It’s the same app – just re-designed over and over again.

The tasks I need are really easy, but might be considered tedious and detail oriented, so I need someone who has good attention to detail. If you’re good at puzzles then you might be great at this.

Here are a few key things I need:

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1. Help me test the iPhone and Android Apps when my Developers create them (I’ll show you what stuff to look for and pay attention to). We have been dealing with issues lately like dropdowns not working on displaying properly and it’s really easy stuff for me and our Clients to notice but the Developers don’t notice it – they just copy and make the apps.

2. Take screenshots of mistakes then send to me AND send to the Developers to they can fix it asap.

3. Sometimes take Videos of the mistakes. iPhone makes it really easy to take video. I’m not sure about Android, but I sometimes take video of my Android phone WITH my iPhone or iPad, so the Developers can see what’s happening.

4. I’ll give you virtual money and a credit card to use, so you can place real orders on the new apps – that helps us know if my Developers did everything correctly to set the App up.

5. I have a Website Admin Dashboard for every app that’s the same for every app. So I want to teach you a couple of sections/tabs where you can make easy changes to Clients’ Apps when we set them up, like:

A) Locations – hiding certain locations, setting the Order Cutoff hours, maybe uploading a background image, and

B) Categories – hiding certain Categories, sorting them using our "Sort" field, re-naming some

C) Maybe setting the basic Loyalty Settings, which is super easy and takes seconds.

D) I might even have you help me set the Dashboard up, which is where we usually just upload the Clients logos in different sizes. I made a whole section where you can easily do this.

Most of this stuff is super easy and fast, but we have so many App Clients that I need someone to get good at doing it so they can do it for multiple clients per day.

Hourly Range: $4.00-$8.00

Posted On: June 18, 2021 16:31 UTC
Category: Virtual/Administrative Assistance
Skills:Virtual, Data Entry, Email Communication, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Virtual Assistant

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