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We are looking to build a decentralized Internet program that will act as an alternative to and

The application is a Decentralized Internet that’s entirely hosted on the Windows PC’s and Android phones of its users by utilizing their Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, unused storage space, and unused bandwidth.

The current Traditional styled Internet is hosted on giant internet servers but our Decentralized Internet uses a Mesh Network, which is a network composed of devices or "nodes".

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Every device on the network (Android phones and Windows PCs) would become a node that connects into a layer of Internet infrastructure.

Data is passed between the nodes to create a mesh (also called a net or web) of devices that share the workload of computing the network.

All information on the (Company Name Pending) program is encrypted and then broken up into pieces across the network so that when the user wants to access a piece of information, they can quickly retrieve it from the network from saved caches like a bit torrent.

Our application does not sell or harvest any private/personal user information, charge unnecessary tolls, or apply firewalls, it is a full freedom internet experience!!!

In our application users can build websites with our super easy-to-use website builder templates, in addition to viewing websites on this platform.

In our application program, users can view and integrate Custom/Non-Template websites and Applications onto the program.

The application website users can use our Message Board or Video Conference to communicate with other users.

The application program has a Non-Social Media option where users can post and or view Photo/Videos without the option of messages, comments, or viewed likes.

The users can use the Personal Security Live Stream feature to document an emergency situation with video.

In addition to the program itself, I would like for you to build a website on the Traditional Internet where the program can be downloaded by users.

I have drawn out 104 pages of web design and program guidelines in a notebook which I can send email images of.

Hourly Range: $20.00-$45.00

Posted On: June 18, 2021 15:20 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Desktop Applications

Country: United States

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