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This App must look and perform exactly like with the color theme and logo we’ve developed.

This is in addition to the attached file.
Affiliate Management:
The System allows the company to manage an affiliate network in the following manner:
1. An individual or another company can sign up as an affiliate of the Company, ("the  Affiliate").
2. The Affiliate shall resell the Company’s System by signing up Merchants to the  Company’s System.
3. The Affiliate shall earn a percentage (configurable) of the commissions earned by the  Company for transactions occurring at the Merchants that the Affiliate has signed up  with the Company.
4. The Company shall have full visibility of all transactions occurring from each Affiliate for  all their Merchants and commission to be paid and already disbursed to each Affiliate.  5. The Affiliate shall have full visibility of the transactions that occurred through the System  for the Merchants that they have signed up with the Company, commission disbursed to  the Affiliate and the commissions payment pending with the Company.  
6. The Affiliate shall have the ability to add and delete stores and change the transaction  percentage for the Merchants that he has signed up.

NOTE. By accepting this project. You agree that ALL FUNDS will be refundable through UPWORK if software does not work on day of completion.

Budget: $9,000

Posted On: June 30, 2021 17:14 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Database Design, Web Application, Web Design, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Python, Ethereum, Desktop Applications

Country: United States

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