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Scope of Work:
New and up-to-date BOD Financial Reporting

-Reporting in Euros
-Meets the business needs for sales to UK customers in GBP
-Designed to meet all Spain accounting requirements
-Reconciled with existing accounting and historical financials
-Can be used for producing forecasts and strategic analysis of different scenarios
-Supports monthly variance reporting needs of the Board of Directors

-An updated or new financial model that meets Objectives
-Reclassification of Sage (discretionary)
-New key metric dashboard reporting (potential)

Current State:
-Live Ticket Group has 2 sets of financials.

-One is produced by a Spanish accountant, using the software SAGE for financial and tax reporting purposes in Spain. This report is only historical actuals, it’s in Spanish and in Euros currency.

-These financials currently meet the corporate needs in Spain
-This report is not legible to the Board of Directors because it’s in Spanish

The other is for the Board of Directors for forecasting, analysis, budgeting and strategy. –This report is on a spreadsheet in English and Great British Pounds currency

Known issues:
Data is entered monthly and is not retroactively updated and corrected.  
Sales data is entered in GBP but our Spanish Accounting reports the sales data in Euros, causing revenue figures to be misaligned between the 2 sets of financials.
Expenses are in both Euros and GBP currencies and numbers can differ from the Spanish accounting financials because of the exchange rate applied at data entry, as well as, exchange rate fluctuations before the time of payment of the invoice.
This does not account for currency fluctuations that affect our financial position (foreign exchange gains/losses)

Hourly Range: $50.00-$85.00

Posted On: June 30, 2021 18:56 UTC
Category: Financial Analysis & Modeling
Skills:Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Data Entry, Accounting principles, Forecasting, Bookkeeping, Spanish – Castilian (Spain), English

Country: Spain

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