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Budget: 25 USD, don’t make a proposal if can’t finish the project within the given budget.

We need an update of our webshop. I have made a list of what the update consist of.


– Increasing the page speed, it feels pretty slow right now at the moment.

FRONT PAGE (https://www.lauvi.dk/):

– Make the slider video to load faster

SHOP PAGE UPDATES (https://www.lauvi.dk/shop/):
– The banner on the shop page, needs to be responsive in relation to screen size, and furthermore mobile optimized.
– There is a problem in relation to color of the product pictures. The original product picture is changing color when I am adding it to the web shop (see the attached file)
– There should be a ‘’flip’’ effect of the product picture, when the customer is sliding the mouse/finger over the product, like here:
– Furthermore, should there be some kind of graphics added to the product grid, which separates the watches.

PRODUCT PAGE UPDATES ( https://www.lauvi.dk/vare/lauvi-master-blue/ ):
– A pop-up information box, when the customers have added the product to the basket/cart
– The detail/specification layout, should be like on the following website:
– The main product picture should be in the middle, and the gallery on the left side
– Under the detail/specification section should there be 2 elaborating information sections like here: https://www.abaeternowatches.com/wooden-watch/zeus-black-3203/

– Add terms of buying text

Best regards

Budget: $25

Posted On: June 30, 2021 17:11 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Web Design, WooCommerce, WordPress, Template, Responsive Design

Country: Denmark

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