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******$100 for this job split into milestones******

I require a freelancer to design & create my shopify store.

Must also design a simplistic logo for the store.

1 30-day Job and 1 30-day Career Ad Network ($425)

Domain is already linked to the store, I will add you as an employee with access to edit my store.

Currently the website promotes a smartwatch via dropshipping with Oberlo – however this product has been CHANGED to a Paint By Numbers Product.

Freelancer must know how to add gallery of products via Oberlo to shopify store.

Website needs to match this almost exactly, but with my logo (which you will also create):

Price points, size (50x40cm), variations with/without frame, discount -> everything must match to this store linked above. ***All wording from the website must be put into own words NO PLAGARISM***

Store is in USD

Headings to include at top of store tabs:
1) Home
2) New Arrivals
3) Custom Painting Kit
4) Animals
5) Best Selling
6) Landscape
7) Maritime
8) Miscellaneous

Please find product links from this Aliexpress store called "Home Decors with You"

**All paintings can be navigated by clicking on the below link, then "Products" > "Painting By Number" then please try and upload the same number of paintings in each category as the example website (preferably the same paintings if you can find them, or you can add other paintings if you can’t find those exact ones – but roughly same number of paintings for each category – all 40×50 cm with or without frame option; custom paintings must have file selection button for customer to upload photo)

***Website must look simplistic, easy to navigate, pretty much the same as example site***

Once I hire you for this job, I will add you to have access to my store and feel free to communicate any questions.


Budget: $100

Posted On: July 06, 2021 23:10 UTC
Category: Web Design

Country: Canada

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