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You are going to develop a very simple mobile app using Flutter in until Friday 23:59 CET. If you work intensely, it is actually a one-day job. There is a very detailed document attached, containing the list of requirements and screen design you need to consider. In short, these are the bullet points you need to read before you sign up for the project:

1. Covid Dataset will be queried using sql and nosql, execution times will be compared to make a conclusion.
2. In order to do that, a sample mobile app will be developed. The project is not much about the UI and mobile app’s looks, colors, rather about its functionality. So, spend your time accordingly. Of course, do not deliver something ugly either.
3. Write a detailed README file to explain how the app runs in the background, how each query is executed. Do not deliver a mysterious black-box.
4. Absolutely comment your code, a clean and non-complicated work is appreciated.

Please read the detailed document before you decide to apply! The project will be carried out in three milestones as follows:

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1. Big Data dataset creation: You can (preferably) use Kaggle or such to download the covid data. If you are unable to find -which would be surprising- then you may create a dummy dataset.

2. Screen Designs and the first prototype: I should be able to navigate through the app, and make entries.

3. Final Delivery: Fully functional app with all buttons operational, database queries implemented etc. You’ll get a hang of it once you read the document, it is quite detailed on how it should run like.

You can get in touch and we can discuss the details.

Budget: $150

Posted On: July 06, 2021 22:31 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:PC, Windows, Hybrid, User Profile Creation, Advanced Analytics, Location, Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Firestore, Startup, Very Small (1-9 employees), Flutter, Android, Phone, Mobile App Development, Dart, User Authentication

Country: Germany

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