Design and program a micro to emulate a MA710 PWM output using a MLX90393 – Upwork

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Scope of work:
1. Select several microcontrollers that are very low cost (less than $.30 in volume of 10K+); very power efficient; up to the task and available in volume.   Review the options with me, and we will mutually choose one.
2. Design electrical schematic showing all connections (can be paper or simple diagram, need not be full on schematic capture software)
3. Build  your own prototype ($100 budget for parts and shipping costs, if you are not in USA or Canada you must arrange your own shipment) so that you can test your code.
4. Write code to read the MLX90393 periodically and average the results; outputting a PWM equivalent to the MA710.
5. Properly #define all parameters (PWM frequency; PWM range; etc.), document the code, including how to program the chip, etc.  Provide source code and object code ready to load in the selected micro.
6. Test the results on your prototype

You will need:
A scope
A magnet
MA710, MA702 or MA750 or similar from MPS
MLX90393  or similar from Melexis

Additional requirements may be added if not fully explained here.  Please ask your questions and make your proposals.

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Success will be measured by me (the buyer) being able to build a prototype using a development board with a Melexis part and compare the output to a MA702/10/50 part to measure about 90 degrees of rotation (not zero crossing) and have my embedded system read it properly without knowing that the part has been substituted.

Budget: $1,500

Posted On: July 07, 2021 01:30 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:Hardware Design, Microcontroller Programming, Embedded Systems

Country: United States

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