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We are requesting an App install for you to try, consider using, and provide brief feedback (if needed) via Upwork messaging. The Pi Network app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and works on any mobile device and in 48 different languages. It was developed by Stanford University PhDs – it is a new blockchain technology, digital currency, and ecosystem in beta and scheduled to launch at the end of 2021. You must not already have a Pi Network App Account to accept this Upwork offer. Only one new Pi Network app account can be created per Upwork freelancer. It is an easy job to complete and only takes a few minutes – please don’t request increased compensation as we want to treat everyone equally.

In addition, to the modest Upwork compensation, beta testers will also receive 1 unit of Pi digital currency just for installing the app (and optionally more as time goes on).

You can request payment as soon as you are done but be sure in the app to please:

1) Use your Upwork real name when prompted in the app (you can hide real name in the profile section and change other settings too after the job)
2) Create a unique username for yourself
3) When prompted enter the invitation code: minepicoinnow
4) Optionally – provide some feedback on the app via Upwork messaging

You can let us know when you’re finished and also request payment then we will initiate payment, close the job as completed successfully, and rate you for your excellent work! Feel free to message us with any questions or additional feedback at any time.

Our main purpose is for you to give the Pi Network app a try and see if you like it and give any feedback. We hope you like it and keep the app, because then my company will earn more Pi digital currency faster before its scheduled launch at the end of 2021 and so will you.

At the very least, you will receive your Upwork compensation from us, and also get 1 free unit of the Pi digital currency just because you installed the app and tried it. If it launches successfully the Pi currency you have earned could take on a great value – of course there is no guarantee of that. Our company GIS, Inc. believes in it enough though to be making this investment via Upwork. You can of course stop or remove the app at any time but we suggest you don’t delete your Pi Account and that you also use real information, no bots or emulators, and that you keep your Pi account log-in credentials safe so if you hear the Pi digital currency becomes valuable next year you can log back in and use it.

The app is totally free, there are no in-app purchases, ads can also be turned off for free in the Profile section (one ad plays once per day if you’re in the app and supports server costs) – even if you turn off ads you still get the same free Pi to start and over time. You start with 1 free Pi and earn more if you stay on the network and validate (optionally) once in a while that you are not a bot and ready to participate in the launch when the beta completes.

I hope this information is helpful to you and that you recognize the potential value of earning these pre-launch beta rewards for free. This is the only legitimate way to earn Pi digital currency prior to launch. All official news and announcements come only from within the App. Pi is a new digital currency, blockchain, and ecosystem developed by Stanford University PhDs with over 18 million members worldwide (the app works in 48 different languages). We are very excited for the pending launch of this new technology and digital currency. Pi digital currency began the beta development on Pi Day – 3/14/2019 – We look forward to working with you!

My best wishes to you for success!

Kind regards,
George K.

P.S. We like to summarize this new technology like this:
Stanford PhDs developed Pi = breakthrough Blockchain technology + global trust graph math (Stellar Consensus Protocol – see the 2016 ‘Talks at Google’ by Stanford Professor, David Mazières, that started this) + social ecosystem + sustainable = Blockchain 2.0 = SocialChain.

Budget: $5

Posted On: July 11, 2021 03:56 UTC
Category: User Research
Skills:User Research, Usability Testing, Journey Mapping, Experience Strategy, Focus Groups, Qualitative Research, Field Studies, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, UX Writing, Recruiting, Quantitative Research, Competitive Analysis, Information Architecture, Survey Design, Interviews, Heuristic Evaluation, Phone, Mobile App Development, iOS, Android, Mobile App Testing, iPhone App Development, Mobile App Testing, Translation, Administrative Support, Finance, Business, Sports, Investment Banking, Investment Strategies, Computer Hardware, Economics, Sustainability, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Energy, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Currency, Data Entry, Annotated Screenshots

Country: United States

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