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To develop a comprehensive and intuitive underwriting platform, that has been designed to modernise and evolve the current practices of insurance writing and reporting.

The online software will receive/accept pricing requests, provide automated quotes, flag exceptions to policies alongside a number of extensive dashboards.  

In short, the system will receive a submission either via email or form completion of a request for quote for an insurance product. From here the system will categorise the information using keywords. This process with formalise the quote request. Depending on the product chosen, the system will extract data from various predetermined online resources, an example of this could be the extraction of the company’s annual turnover. This number will then be compared to our preset minimum annual turnover value. With the extraction confirmed and compared, the system will score the result. This type of process will be repeated with various values assigned to multiple products.

To ensure the system is future-proof, the functionality to set rules to products would be ideal. For example, without the assistance of a developer, an Administrator could create a new rule: ‘If product type is financial lines, and has claim within the past 5 years, an alert should be created, which can be accepted or declined’.

This website illustrates the basic requirements, please note the wireframes link has been disabled:

Funding has been acquired, and the design (HTML/CSS) is nearly complete.

Hourly Range: $80.00-$135.00

Posted On: July 12, 2021 11:47 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Python, Microsoft Excel, Data Scraping, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Data Extraction, AI, Machine Learning

Country: United Kingdom

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