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Phase I

Profit Matters Team:
1. Dashboard (Home page): This will give a quick overview.
    > Tasks
    > Recent Activities
    > Notifications
    > Basic stats
2. Clients: Everything to do with your clients:
    > Overview: Display basic information about the client as well as comments. CRM Type of layout)
         – We can also integrate the onboarding into our system so that all the information is accessible from the client page.
    > Tasks
    > Messages
    > Transactions: This will have a workflow for uploading unknown transactions – which will generate a todo task and ‘unknown transactions’ workflow in your clients dashboard.
    > Files
    > Documents (Notebooks)
– Creating a new user in the dashboard will generate a new profile for the client and send out an email with onboarding instructions.
3. Calendar: View, Create, update and delete
     – Zoom integration. Will automatically create a zoom meeting when creating a meeting.

1. Dashboard (Home page):
    > Unfinished Tasks (created by the team)
    > Notifications
    > Messages.
2. Transactions: List of transactions
    > Uncategorized transactions flow: This will allow the client easily assign a category to the expense.
3. Tasks: These are the tasks generated by the Profit Matters team.
    > Examples of tasks: Upload a file, Answer a question, complete a transaction classification.
4. Message: These are messages from the team members.
5. Files: Upload files. Categorized views
6. Onboarding flow (additional option): We can add this optionally.
    > When the client creates a new profile, we can add an onboarding flow where they fill out the information about their company and all that information will stay on their profile and can be downloaded/email as a PDF file. This is similar to what you have on the page.

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1. Email: When a message is sent to the client/team member, an email notification will be sent to the person. Changeable in the settings.
2. Zoom: When you create a calendar meeting, you can automatically generate a zoom meeting
3. Bank Statements (For real time transactions categorization. Related to #4). Connect your bank account to automatically classify/categorize the transactions as they happen. If the system is not able to automatically categorize the transaction, an SMS/Email can be sent to the client to classify the transaction.
4. AI/ML (Future Phases): Creating a bot that will automatically classify the transactions. This can be integrated into the web app. For later phases: We would need a lot of data to train the ML Model.  
5. API Integrations: Most software tools provide an API, which will allow us to integrate most other tools – which will allow us to have all tools in one place.
6. SMS: Instead of building a mobile app, we can initially just ask the client over SMS which kind of purchase they made in real time. This is after the Bank Account integration is complete.

Hourly Range: $15.00-$30.00

Posted On: July 12, 2021 14:31 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API, Database Architecture, Database Design, Website Development

Country: United States

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