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Project brief

The company I need a website for is a company that is active in the medical sector. They do 2 main activities. They take care of terminally ill people in a state of the art building with all things considered. Think of it as a last breath hotel. Where you can relax with your family, pets, … while having all comforts of nursing staff, care, best medical equipment etc. This takes place in “abdij roosenberg” you can google that. Don’t worry we will get better pictures for the final design.

On the other hand they act as a matchmaker between independent nurses and hospitals. In Belgium a lot of nurses are independent because of their personal situation. One week they want to work a lot, the other week they want to stay at home as they themselves want to decide. This company act as a matchmaker between those 2. So you can fill in a contact form as a hospital or as a nurse and join the external system of matchmaking.

Keywords for this project are: serenity, nature, peace, tranquility, care, spirituality, zen, high end, modern, state of the art

The pages are as follows:

Keep in mind from the HOME page there needs to be easy navigation between “Abdij Roosenberg” and “Flexi Work”

I was thinking about making the page background the deep blue or the light tan from the map background

Mission and vision
Organisation (Members + Staff)
Judiciary structure
Abdij Roosenberg
Space rental (They also rent out the large rooms for parties, conferences, …)
Guided tour
Palliative care (Last breath, focus on care, ..)
A heart for each other
Text + pictures about what it is + CTA
Flexi work
Introduction + meaning
How it works
Contact form to signup
Login for hospital
Login for nurse
Ethical entrepreneurship
Introduction + meaning
List or gallery of projects with title / text / …

Logo and colors will be attached here. Also they made a map to classify their papers in, design also attached.

Example website look and feel:

Posted On: July 12, 2021 12:10 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
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Country: Belgium

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