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We are looking for an EXPERT React developer who can work full-time. This is a full-time job for the long term.

We want to build an outsourcing website that is similar to LinkedIn. So far we have the design of the website, In the process of developing there might be small changes in the design. The website will be massive and complicated so you must be able to develop and think outside the box when it’s needed. The backend will be in Node.js+Express(under discussion). The website will have a payment gateway integration (Paypal/Stripe) So you MUST KNOW and MUST HAVE experience in it and we will use MongoDB. The website will have 3 flows Business owner, Jobseeker, and Admin panel. So you must be able to deliver error-free codes.

Hence, you must be professional exact, and sharp regarding timing and deadlines. Your code has to be clean and easy to understand and BUG-free.  You must give your opinion and advice and help the team to finish the project successfully.

5% Off Sitewide with Promo Code EXTRA5

Hourly Range: $35.00-$40.00

Posted On: July 19, 2021 13:14 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Node.js, MongoDB, React, TypeScript, JavaScript

Country: South Korea

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