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I have a client who has a website on Wix and they need to migrate it to WordPress. I’ve already determined that once the migration takes place, you’ll need a theme/template and I have picked out the template.

Client is in the cannabis industry and the site should look as close to the current site (will share with the person I hire). It’s important if you are morally opposed to cannabis that you not apply for this job.

I will consider someone with a cannabis background over someone who doesn’t have any background. And because my client is social equity minded, my preference is for a Black contractor over another race.

Job will involve a site rebuild and because Wix doesn’t allow you to import, it will require everything to be copied and pasted manually, so build this into the cost.

Site has six pages plus a blog. It’s not a very robust site.

Also of note, there shouldn’t be any designing, because the design was already done with Wix. You will no doubt need to add a few plugins, but that should be the extent to customization. We will need a live chat integrated to the site.

My name is Sarah, not ma’am, hiring manager and particularly not sir. I am a woman. Please address me this way in your proposal. I’ll need to see samples of sites you’ve migrated and/or designed.

I look forward to your proposals.

Budget: $500

Posted On: August 27, 2021 18:12 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Wix, Website Development, Website

Country: Puerto Rico

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