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An overview of the Competition portal. (a staging site atm) This is a WordPress site utilising Gravity Forms & Gravity View.
The site has been designed as a backend for running multiple photo competitions simultaneously. WE’ve used the basic setup with gravity forms to run competitions already. we are just trying to automate the process further.
Its aim is to allowing competitors to enter a photo competition and update their information & entries at a later date.
As well as provide Judging & Scoring online with feedback score being directed back into the Entrants form.
Site Requirements
Front page (Competition portal page) showing current competitions
Information page for each competition See example
Information page must show all details about the competition, prizes etc & have a link to the relevant registration and entry page (form)
Direct Linking from outside website
Linking through Competition portal page
Registration and entry page (form) for each competition
This page has a Gravity Form embedded for each competition See example That we are aiming to use.
Direct Linking from outside website
Linking through each competition’s information page
Competitors must be able to edit their Entry to update images and contact information prior to the competition Closure (Currently they get a login and can only edit the content they entered). Also after the competition they need to be able to see their score & any feedback on their imagery.
Scoring Entries
There are 5 Scoring Criteria’s all scored from 1 to 10
Initial Impact
Technical Competency
Strength of Subject
Strength of Story Telling
Every Image has to be scored by 3 judges to give a fair result.
If there are lots of entries more judges may be needed to spread the load. In multiplies of 3 Judges
The imagery may need to be sorted into sets for scoring as below (I know this can be done in a view with gravity view)
Entrant Category – different Categories may require different specialty judges.
Qty (1-100, 101-200 etc) as we may need to share the load over more judges.
Judges must be able to score imagery and that information is put into the entrants content and
The score for each image from each judge needs to be directed back into the Entrants form as feed back. That means each score from each of the 3 judges, for each Criteria (initial Impact etc) need to be added together & averaged to give a final score on the entrants Form below their Image.

User Roles onsite
Admin – Everything including Site Maintenance
Judge – Only Viewing Gravity View for Judging and adding scores to images
Member -Entrants only edit their own content.

I am a novice with configuring some of the more specific parts gravity forms and gravity view, like merge tags and such. Generally if I can see how it’s done I can replicate the process. My issue is that I’m trying to add Scoring criteria to each image entered, that only the judges can see & change.
But once judging is completed. The score from each image from each judge, needs to be averaged to give a final Score.. And displayed under the competitors relevant images.
If this concept isn’t going to work and there is a better option please let me know.
Questions:  Because it’s setup for multiple competitions is it easier just to clone the site and use a subdomain to run each competition??
Note, the number of Subject Categories may change from Competition to competition.
The number of judges may change competition to competition.

Posted On: September 10, 2021 02:24 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:WordPress, Gravity Forms, JavaScript, WooCommerce, Plugin Customization, MySQL, PHP

Country: Australia

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