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Hi All,

It’s a Figma task. and Figma task only 🙂 You know Figma and how to manage an entire design project on it.

I’m looking for a talented designer, who loves clean & very professional designs. I need someone to create the perfect harmony for all our designs in every platform.

I’m looking for a talented web designer to work on our future design tasks, someone for the long run.

It means that you will be in charge of all my creations (Social Media, on a weekly basis) in the future after this first task

This is the ENTIRE job description:

1- Update our Brand identity guidelines (New fonts, update color add new social elements)

2- Create a landing Page design based on CLEAR specifications & Wireframe / Examples
– 2 Page / 1 Version

3- Redesign all forms & blog banners
– Blog forms (Newsletter, contact form, in article-form…)
– Banners (300×250) blog post banner

4- Social Media Design
Caroussels & Single post design template.
All Social Media designs assets (for every platform, like profile picture, banner Page on FB, IG, Linkedin…)

Topic = Social Media Services (Instagram / TikTok) / Personal branding (Human, me)

If you like human, personal branding and clean designs. So this job is for you.

Design notes:

Once again, I will provide CLEAR and detailed specifications with specific examples for each point.

– We already have design guidelines / A logo. The identity just need to be adjusted / updated

– Must be WAY more professional than the actual version.

– Sleek, minimalist and clean. Must be professional and personal branding oriented.

– Starting date = 6th of September

Show me your portfolio 🙂 Figma, Behance, Dribble only.

I will get back to you with the specs if you are selected. I’m a fast replier / reviewer.

Start your reply by typing: I love Figma and personal branding.

See you in a bit,


Budget: $400

Posted On: September 10, 2021 03:12 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Graphic Design, Style Guide, Mockup, Visual Communication, Figma, Web Design, Wireframes, User Interface Design

Country: Singapore

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