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sellers application (where they see orders, add products, see store balance and make withdrawal request).
This app (customers app), when an order for a product is placed and payment made, notifies the seller, the admin and also the delivery person (separate app for delivery people) on the item, and delivery location.

The app is intended to work in such a way that, it brings the closest stores upon search, and users can always go directly under their favorite store pages as well to search for items.
The radius of search however can be increased but limited. This is to ensure that what they order, they get it on time through stores that are closest to them.

Here is a reference app for it.

This reference has 3 apps…
Customer app, seller app, delivery boy app
6 apps (3 android, 3 ios)
3 panels( web panels)

All these Features on the reference app
👉Admin Panel controls what happens on the overall system, create and delete sellers, add and delete delivery persons, see and edit store products, see orders, edit orders, see customers, assign delivery person, see withdrawal request etc.

👉Seller panel controls what happens in the user app but on the seller’s account. eg. seller uploading products, setting prices, viewing purchased goods etc

👉Delivery boy panel shows the delivery boy what orders to deliver, what has been delivered and whats not yet delivered and updates it manually when an item has been delivered. It always shows the balance of their deliveries in total.

While the platforms are separate, they work together to form one big system
From the reference, The sellers and delivery panel has where they check their balance. And request for withdrawal which will be gotten in the admin app.

Budget: $10,000

Posted On: September 13, 2021 14:01 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:iOS Development, Android App Development, Flutter, UI Graphics, UX Design

Country: United States

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