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I’m looking for a junior web developer to help me build a new web app in the calendaring and wellbeing space. At least initially, we’ll be largely pair programming, where I’ll be guiding you to build a moderately complex web app. I’ve got substantial experience in the software space, so hopefully you’ll learn a few things, and as we progress together and build trust I would expect you to work with greater independence.

Ideally you:
Will understand the basics of JavaScript, CSS, HTML and React.
Have some familiarity with GitHub Pull Request workflow.
Be interested in learning TypeScript, and learning more broadly.
Should be able to show some examples of your private projects or previous work.
Have great english and communication skills, and be OK with taking detailed direction.
Have 4 hours a day of timezone overlap with the UK between 9am and 6pm UK time.  
Be interested in computer science, maybe studying for a degree right now.

About Me:
I’m a technical founder, have been in the industry for 20 years. I used to be CTO of Quantemplate, a no-code analytics and data prep platform targeted at insurers, but now turning my skills to something B2C that is all mine.

The Stack:
Frontend: Typescript, React, Apollo/GraphQL, CSS is currently Less, but may change.
Backend: Typescript, Node, Express, Apollo GraphQL, TypeORM, Postgres SQL, AWS

Posted On: September 13, 2021 15:04 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:Web Application, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GitHub

Country: United Kingdom

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